/ Computer Security


The firt step is to know what is a Malware?

Malware is any software with malicious intentions, for example.Check your personal information without your approbation, create a backdoor to your computer or steal personal data.

Different types of Malware

We have different forms for Malware, the most important are:

  • Virus: Infect programs and files
  • Spyware: Collects personal information
  • Worm: Replicate itself accross a network
  • Trojan horse: It looks like a legitimate program but it is not.

How does the Malware infection happen?

Are different ways to be infected, is not possible to be 100% secure for that. But you should take all the possible precautions, don't download illegal software, don't use any USB, update all the time your OS and programs.


Taking precautions is better, now that you know the most commons types of Malware you can detected in your computer. If you get infected is important to uninstall illegitimate programs, files that you don't recognize.

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