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Security on the Web

First if you are not a tech person I want to invite you to answer this questions that will help you understand how much do you know about security on the web.

  1. Do you have the same password for all the sites?
  2. Do you check if the site that you are visiting is secure (https)?
  3. Do you pay with you credit card in public networks (public Wifi)?
  4. Do you download software or programs for not official sites?

If you don't feel good with your answers don't worry, you are in the correct post to know more about it.

Secure Sites

When you are in a web you can see very fast and easy if a website is secure, just look the search bar in your browser.
You can se the green padlock, that means that this website is from the person that says it is.


The most common error is to have the same password for everything, the problem here is that if someone steal that password, they will can access to all your information and accounts.The best option is to have a bault for passwords, are many tools that can help you with this.

I use LastPass, check it.

Public Networks

Never, and I will repeat it, NEVER use your credit card in a public network or more commons words in a free WiFi, because you don't know if someone are checking the data and information that the users connected are sending.

I hope these simple steps to be more secure on the web help you.