/ Computer Security

Why should we study computing security.

Let me ask you this simple question, how often do you think about your security in the street at night? Do you know that you can also be victim on Internet or your computer?

Internet is another world, it have itself police, rules, security problems, users,a lot of information and their own currency, crazy right?

Computers also are in this topic, not only Internet, what about servers security problems or applications in end-users computers or smart phones.

Just think about it, you buy on Internet, you send messages all the days with private information, at work you share important documents on your laptop.

Let me say to you that I did a lot of things that are very dangerous, like pay online in a public network, sounds similar?

With this I want to give a simple vision about what happen in this digital world, and that you know that is not a secure world, and that studying this topic you will have a big responsibility to protect us.

Job Job

If you are worry about your economic, let me say to you that this career is one of the most profit, but money is not all, you can work at the industry you love, at this moment all the industries are on Internet and they need someone that help them to stay secure on Internet.

Never stop learning

All the time you have to be learning, security problems are constantly changing and all the days someone discover or break some security encryption like WPA2 ( I will write about this case in other post).

Check this video and then tell me if you want to study this career!