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Your Internet is INSECURE!

WPA2 has been broken and here are the steps that you need to follow to be safe.


WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2) is a network security technology used on Wi-Fi wireless networks, provide a strongest encryption option and nobody can see the traffic.

What happen?

WPA2 has been cracked with new method called KRACK (for Key Re-installation AttaCK)is now able to break WPA2 encryption, allowing a hacker read your information passing inside the network, it can spy you.

How bad is it?

Is bad, but you can do something to fixed, and is important that everyone do the next 3 points.

  1. You need to be very careful using public networks.
  2. Just connect to secure websites with HTTPS like mine https://arturomendoza.me thats mean that the website is using a SSL protocol of encryption. This create a secure connection between the server and your computer, all the information will be encrypted.
  3. Use a VPN, you should already be using one, will continue protect your information no matters WPA2 is compromised.

In the meantime,the best that you can do is calm yourself and your friends, do the steps above and you will be fine until your devices are patched.

** A great video to learn more about this topic**